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Adora Perfect is a professional dog breeder that offers pre-training and provides the highest quality puppies with genetic and OFA tested parents. Our team is dedicated to ensuring that our puppies are healthy and happy, and we strive to match each puppy with the perfect family. We believe that every dog deserves a loving home and we are committed to making that happen.

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Hello Friends!   A warm welcome from Adora Perfect Pups! We are nestled in the rolling hills of Ohio, focused on raising the finest in Cavapoos and Chocolate King Charles Cavaliers. Our attention to detail in raising puppies with a solid foundation allows a platform to nurture well-rounded, life-long companions that are emotionally stable.    It involves providing a stable and loving environment from the moment they are born, focusing on their physical, emotional, and social development. These short 8 weeks are very pivotal and instrumental in formulating a well-structured, intellectually curious canine and we don’t take these first weeks for granted.  Our approach is by investing time and effort towards education and a curriculum that is innovative, progressive, and non-traditional in early canine development. Just like young children, puppies possess remarkable learning capabilities during their formative weeks. Introducing a structured well-planned curriculum designed to stimulate their cognitive, physical, and social abilities leads to well-adjusted and intelligent, emotionally stable adult dogs ready for therapy, service work, or companions.  Our driving goal is to always empower our puppies and to teach them resilience for positive association later in life.   This is the Adora Difference!


Adora’s focus will always be on the whole dog and the life of companionship the family will enjoy.  From conception to go home day every detail, introduction and exposure is well orchestrated and planned.   Our parents come from strong genetic lines with extended testing, proper nutrition, up-to-date vaccines, and external exposures to set the stage for a healthy and disciplined life.  The understanding of the genetic makeup in our parent dogs is essential to predict the possible traits, health issues, and overall temperament that the offspring may inherit.   Alongside these practices, understanding the breed's specific traits and temperaments can help us tailor the upbringing of our puppies to benefit as much as possible for the rest of their adult life.   


Our amazing little love bugs are ready for their forever homes at 8 weeks of life. Your Adora Perfect Pup is simply Different, Distinctively Designed and Destined for a lifetime of Love!    As we love to say, our Pups are Perfectly Pampered!   We would love to welcome you to Adora Perfect Family!


Our Team
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Welcome! I am the breeding, Pre Training, and ENS coordinator here at Adora. Basically the "dog mama" of the team. This program is my dream come true project and I have been blessed to assemble an amazing team around me to make it all possible. My background is in high-end interior residential design. I have a passion for seeking out intentionally well-crafted quality for my design clients. My love for family, and my dogs and my desire to focus more of my time at home have led me to where I am today. 



Hello! Thank you for visiting our website. I answer phone calls, texts, and emails which allows Angie to focus on her passion for raising puppies. I also help with video and social media content. I love talking with people and getting to assist with helping you find the perfect companion. My background is in marketing, web design, and sales. Please feel free to reach out and or schedule a visit. Angie and the amazing folks at Adora Perfect Pups have become great friends to me and I know they will to you as well.  

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