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Hear from some of our family of puppy lovers and see why they chose Adora Perfect for their new family member.



After a year of research, we adopted from Adora Perfect Pups and could not be happier with our little girl. We adopted a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel puppy (formerly Paige) from Pearl and Renegade’s litter.  Not only is she a gorgeous little girl but a well-rounded pup!  She is a spunky, attentive, smart, inquisitive, loving, and confident little girl.  Even at her first vet visit upon receiving her (all healthy!) the comments from my vet and her staff were she seems to be a very confident girl, and of course that she was super adorable.  Much of this I associated to the careful selection of the parents and the program/training Adora has set up from day one of the breeding.  Emma (formerly Paige) has been a delight.  She is catching on quickly and she settles really well after play time and at night.  Both Micah and Angie were super helpful in being available to me and answering questions.  Their response time was also very quick.  We are located in NC, but Angie and I had a one-hour facetime call for me to see Emma (Paige) and her interactions, personality, as well as me asking questions and reassuring me on concerns I had.  I had to say goodbye to my previous girl in November of 2022 who was nearly 15.  So, it had been quite a while since I’d had a puppy, and I did have some anxiety as it had been so long.  However, in talking with both Micah and Angie they reassured me with the personality type of Emma (Paige) and her breed that she would be a good fit.  She definitely is!  We chose Adora Perfect pups for several reasons. The fact that they test not only the parents of the litters but the puppies as well, and incorporate sensory training so early speaks volumes to the care and importance they put in their program.  They are also very responsive to any inquiries/requests, and I appreciated the patience they showed me.  We have a really well-rounded puppy that received a solid foundation before we welcomed her home.  We highly recommend Adora Perfect Pups.  Thank you so much Angie and Micah! ~ Krista and Mike



I cannot say enough great things about Angela Miller. 

I went to college with Angie and I know firsthand that she is a kind and caring person who loves her family and these amazing animals and would do anything for anyone. 

With that being said, I was so happy to not only reconnect with her after all these years but to also adopt an amazing and beautiful puppy from one of her liters. 

In October we adopted Bernadette from one of her liters. 

I obsessively watched her Facebook and Instagram posts over and over and finally talked my husband into another dog. You can see in the post how much time and care she takes with all the little ones. 

Angie has a great program of training these little ones and loving on them like she is keeping them all for her own. 

We are so in love with our little Bernadette and could not be happier that she came from someone that not only I know and trust but who loved on her like she was her own until we could take her home to our family.

- Stacey Brammer


Screenshot 2023-09-15 at 2.39.07 PM.png

I have no hesitation in recommending Angie Miller. In fact, I recommend her to everyone I come across who is looking for a breeder!


I want to start with a little background about me. My name is Erin. I am a special needs teacher in Cleveland, Ohio. When I finally decided I was ready to welcome a puppy into my home, I did a lot of research. Months of research as well as reaching out to breeders. Many did not feel like the right fit. I wanted the breeder to love the puppies they were selling as much as I would love them. Then I came across Angela.


The day that I came across her, I reached out interested in a couple of her mini Goldendoodle puppies. Since I was looking around for a while and was not incredibly familiar with the breed, I had a lot of questions.  Angela not only answered all of my questions, but she then kindly requested me to expand on my character and household. Right away I knew she was different. She wasn’t just selling me a puppy, but wanted to give her puppies the right home. It was crystal clear from the beginning that she loved every dog in her care. After getting to know each other, Angela knew the exact puppy for me. This is when I met my Lady.


Throughout the entire adoption process, Angela was patient and beyond knowledgeable. She was an open and proactive communicator, and even offered to FaceTime with me to meet her and Lady! I loved that I was able to see the safe, loving and clean environment in which Lady lived.


On my first visit to their home, Angela and her family were incredibly warm and friendly. I immediately felt at ease and welcomed. The environment was impeccable and filled with love. Needless to say, I was beyond impressed.


Now let’s fast forward to the day my life changed for the better- the day I picked up Lady. Angela had a bag ready to go home with me that included everything I needed for the first night home with Lady. She also provided a list of recommended toys, treats, food, training and feeding schedules, and other essentials for a new puppy. Angela also assured me that if I ever needed anything or had any questions, she was just a phone call away. When I say that Angela is one of a kind, I mean it. You won’t find a breeder like this let alone a family as kind and thoughtful as they are.


Lady, my 10-month-old puppy, is the light of my life. Since I work at a special needs school, she comes to school with me every day. From 3 months old, Lady was around kids from ages 5-14. She is so gentle and kind. She walks around the school looking to brighten the student’s day with her endless smile and hugs. She has so much personality in the best possible way. She was easy to train and loves to please. I could go on for hours about Lady. She gets along with all dogs, big or small. She Responds well to others (even the kindergarteners who pull her hair at times, haha. She takes the hair pulling and has NEVER snapped.) She is truly incredible. Lady is the best thing to have happened to me, and I can’t imagine life without her. I’m so thankful for Angela and her family for breeding such WONDERFUL dogs. I highly recommend Angie to anyone looking to adopt a puppy, and I will continue to do so. They are the absolute best!!!

- Erin Morris


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