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Chocolate Cavalier Adora Perfect Pups

Welcome to Adora Perfect Pups

We are a devoted dog breeder of Cavapoos and Chocolate Cavalier King Charles Spaniels focused on the details that nurture well-rounded, life-long companions that are emotionally stable. Just like young children, our non-traditional from birth approach to puppy rearing is focused on investing time and effort towards education and a curriculum that is innovative, and progressive, in early canine development.  

Puppy Pre Training

From conception to go home day every detail, introduction and exposure is well orchestrated and planned.

Genetic &
OFA Testing

Our parents come from strong genetic lines with extended orthopedic testing and screening for health and physical attributes.

Health & Nutrition

Our puppies come with a complete health record and each receives a physical exam by a licensed veterinarian before go home day.

Client Focused

Adora’s focus will always be on the whole dog and the life of companionship the family will enjoy.

About Adora Perfect Pups

Hello Friends! A warm welcome from Adora Perfect Pups! We are nestled in the rolling hills of Ohio, focused on raising the finest in Cavapoos and Chocolate Cavalier King Charles Spaniels. Our attention to detail in raising puppies with a solid foundation allows a platform to nurture well-rounded, life-long companions that are emotionally stable. It involves providing a stable and loving environment from the moment they are born, focusing on their physical, emotional, and social development.

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Available Puppies

Our amazing little love bugs are ready for their forever homes at 8 weeks of life. Your Adora Perfect Pup is simply Different, Distinctively Designed and Destined for a lifetime of Love!

Chocolate Cavaliers

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Hear from some of our family of puppy lovers and see why they chose Adora Perfect for their new family member.

Meet Our Team

We're a dedicated team of dog lovers committed to providing you with the best possible experience. Get to know us and see why we're the perfect choice for your new puppy.

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